Co-working @ Contane

by Camilla Connolly

The concept for CONTANE emerged from my partner’s profession as a barber.

In conversation – which is an integral part of his service – Steve [Connoley] noticed there was a general trend of complaints regarding working from home. Clients time and time again would say that working from home came with distractions, inability to focus and the overall dislike of isolation, hence the idea of Contane was born.

Contane Office Space is an on demand co-working and meeting place, 30 decked out business ready lockable spaces and a couple of meeting rooms too!


Contane is all within a unique location, Federal Mills Park, 5 mins from geelong CBD, casual, permanent, lockable spaces from $5.99 hourly, fast wifi, printer, coffee, flexible hours, FREE PARKING!

West 5, 13-35 Mackey st. North Geelong

(03) 5277 1400

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